• At Clarington Optometric Centre it is very important to us to provide high quality eye care. Our optometrists are dedicated to performing comprehensive vision and ocular health exams for all ages from infants to seniors.

  • At each regular exam, it is important to us to assess the vision needs of the patient as a whole. We want to know about a patient’s visual demand for their job, hobbies or sports to help get them vision correction that meets their need.

  • During the ocular health evaluation, we are constantly screening, measuring and collecting data to monitor for eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and others. Even if you do not have any symptoms, regular measurements and check ups help us keep track of ‘your normal’ so that we will be able to catch early changes or concerns if they occur. We have OCT imaging at our office that allows us to capture fundus images and scans through the retinal layers of the macula. We also do visual field testing that measures a person’s peripheral vision which is important for certain eye diseases, stroke and MTO requirements.

  • If needed, we will be happy to prescribe treatment, either glasses or medications, or refer you to additional care such as to ophthalmology or vision therapy.


  • Our clinic and doctors are happy and trained to help as urgent situations arise, but as care has been restricted by COVID protocols we do not always have the clinic capacity. Please called us if you have urgent care needs and we will do our best to see you, or otherwise direct you to another appropriate healthcare provider.

  • If you have an ocular emergency (sudden loss of vision, new onset double vision, sudden onset flashes and floaters or serious eye injury) or it is after clinic hours please proceed to your local hospital emergency room to connect with the ophthalmologist on call.


  • Contact Lens fitting and evaluations

  • Post operative LASIK care

  • Children’s Exams

  • Exams and additional testing for job applicants ie: fire, police, pilot and military applications